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Water toys selection August 2021

Do you feel like getting away and taking some time for yourself?
Boatside offers you a selection of water toys for August 2021 to bring fun and happiness to your everyday life.

1. Jobe Infinity Sea scooter with bag and snorkel set

Want to have fun below the water surface?

Explore the shallows and dive up to 30 meters away from the daily hassles with Jobe Infinity Sea scooter with bag and snorkel set!
It’s your time to re-invents fun below the water surface up to 40 minutes. And with two batteries included you can explore twice as long! Additionally, the Infinity Sea scooter features three speeds for cruising around slowly or at a brisk pace!
And finally, you can capture views you can't get anywhere else thanks to the built-in GoPro support and make your memories last forever.

2. Oasis


Do you want to have fun with this oasis? 

It allows you to walk, play, relax or even go crazy. This is a water mat that aims to please the whole family. 
This oasis is made up of three layers of foam (firm/soft/firm) that are combined in this brand new oversized product. 
The Jobe water mat comes with 4 anchor points for stabilisation possibilities. This magic oasis comes with 2 straps.

3. Lampuga E-surf

Let’s ride!

Sail away and enjoy effortless water fun no matter what your skill level thanks to Lampuga E-surf!
The inflatable jet board offers effortless water fun and is enjoyable for all riders. Its performance, practical design and user-friendliness, make the Lampuga Air the ultimate water toy.

4. Water Bike - Redsharkbikes Enjoy

Do you want to do exercise and have fun at the same time? 

This water bike is for you! You can pedal on the sea while looking at the landscape and most importantly, with your family. 
You have a preparation kit to help you assemble it.

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