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INSIDE : Get to know your favorite brands even better

This year and with the launch of the "BRAND OF THE WEEK" series, Boatside's team gives you the opportunity to learn more about its partners.

Discover an exclusive series of interviews with our most popular brands!


Jobe is a water sports brand and manufacturer

The brand was created in 1974 by former professional skier Jeff Jobe.

Jobe is for everyone. « We are a community, a global movement, a family of real people, who are discovering the beauty of watersports. » 

JOBE create unforgettable #jobemoments for everyone since 1974. The product are developed with the greatest care and highest quality materials, every day again and again. 

CARINE MOROSI, Sales Promotor France,
 kindly answered our questions.

What makes JOBE unique?

There are many reasons why Jobe Sports is unique but the most important one would definitely be our versatility and our product offering. Where other brands focus on one side of the watersports business, we offer the complete package.

Whether it’s yacht extensions like our “Infinity Series”, SUP boards to explore your surroundings, vests, and way more, we offer it all. Because of this, we can create a carefully curated collection which is unlike any other in the watersports market! Not only in terms of innovation and quality but also in looks. This means we can create beautiful sets which Mix & Match with each other. So, if you buy a waterski for instance, you will always find a matching vest and wetsuit. 

How do you position Jobe in relation to other brands on the market?
Here at Jobe we have what we like to call the Jobe passwords, which are:
  • Accessibility
  • Innovation
  • Young
  • International
  • Fun
  • Excellence
  • Enthusiastic

We make sure to use this in everything we do, including our brand positioning! We’re an Accessible brand who strive to get everyone on the water, no matter who you are. And Innovation is what drives us, creating new Excellent products year after year. All to have as much Fun as possible while we’re out there doing what we love: watersports. This makes us Enthusiastic about what we do and keeps us Young in spirit all while working on an International scale.
What’s your product of the year?

We have so many 😉

Considering the Yachtside consumer, we would have to go with our brand new Jobe Seacscooter! This seascooter is part of our popular yachting range: “the Infintiy Series”. This seascooter can be taken with you for some great underwater adventures.

This electric powerd scooter can go to depths of a whopping 30m and the battery lasts for 40 minutes. Connect you GoPro to it as well and record all the sea life which you might encounter below and make those memories last!

For some more info on this product and the innovations in the 2021 Infinity range, you can check out the video below:
How did you deal with the Covid-19 crisis?

We predicted early on that once the sun would start to shine, people would want to get out on the water. This meant, that where others were backing down, we were preparing for a busy season and our predictions came true!

We helped our dealers where we could, we had enough stock to get us much people as possible on the water. And with the good weather giving that little nudge halfway through the season, we can say 2020 was a hit!

Are you optimistic for this year/season with regard to the evolution of the situation?

A big yes! We are super optimistic about this season.

Even though the COVID crisis is still going on, people are allowed to get on the water and this was shown last year. Whether you’re going out on the boat with your family or want to social distance yourself on a SUP, it’s all possible. And we are already seeing an international increase in watersports and we’re in the end of March, which is a really good sign!

In terms of the situation: we are predicting a similar situation as last year. COVID is still a thing and this summer will still have people hesitant about distant travels. But people want to spend their times with their friend and families, especially after sitting inside for a whole winter. Which is why boating will be even more popular then last year and SUP will explode. The temperature here in Europe is already rising and we are excited about that.

In short; bring on the summer and let’s get on the water!

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