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Allegre 67

269,99 €

VAT included (20%)


Allegre Combo skis are the perfect blend of strength and control for the combo as well as for entry-level slalom skiing. Use the adjustable horse shoe mounts to change styles. A concave bottom guarantees unlimited pleasure, at each session and each season. Choose from four colors.

- Illuminated fins for increased visibility

- Binding size 67 ": US 5.5-14 | Europe 36-47

- Binding size: 59 "US 1-6 | Europe 32-40

- Comfortable front shoe and adjustable heel

- Additional slalom shoe

- Rim injection construction with additional metal rods for rigidity

- Extra overlay for durability

- Glossy protective top finish For both combo and entry-level slalom skiing

- Leisure level water skis

- V design at the bottom for easy edge on board and better tracking - --- Weight Range 59 ": <55kg, 67":> 50kg

- Contains Package: Ski combo, Transparent Combo Bag,

- Ski Combo Transfer, Universal Vest Lime green and Watersports Flag Flame Orange

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