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Dock Like a pro with Dockmate

Would you like to be able to manage your boat more easily and remotely? It's possible with the revolutionary product: DOCKMATE

Docking Dominance

New wireless remote control technology takes the stress out of docking your boat. 
This can be complicated if there are forces that can mess up the docking process such as wind, current, engine acceleration and no one to help. This makes for a stressful time and there's this new solution to make it easier - Dockmate offers innovative technology. 

“Dockmate is a wireless remote control that will control your engines, your thrusters, your anchor, your horn, all from a small handheld device,” says Marc Curreri, CEO and co-founder of Dockmate US. “It gives you the freedom to leave your helm and maneuver your boat from the aft deck, the bow, or somewhere where you have greater visibility to see the dock.” If you’re single-handed or have non-boating guests on board, it’s really a game changer to have the freedom to snuggle up to the dock and tie-off the lines by yourself, no running back and forth from the helm to position the boat in a manner so you can catch and hold on to the dock as you secure the boat…much less stress. 

Customized Installation

There are three different Dockmate remotes to suit different boats such as those with a single engine, those using the Volvo Pod system, or even the Yamaha Helm Master, Mercury's Joystick Piloting for Outboards and their Zeus pods as well as Shyhook and other dynamic positioning systems. This is:  Single/Twin, The Twist and the Vector
Installation of Dockmate is easy for a trained Dockmate dealer, as the system is essentially plug-n-play. 
Some specific knowledge is required to configure and customise each system to suit the boat and the owner's preferences. 
Each Dockmate distributor is a certified installer who has undergone extensive hands-on and custom training.

The system operates on 12- or 24-volt setup and consists of the remote controller, a cradle for it, and the receiver. 

Every Dockmate receiver is programmed for a specific boat and connects to the boat’s engine and electronic controls. It translates the remote control’s commands so the controls can respond accordingly. New this summer is the receiver’s aluminum construction and IP67 rating. It’ll be the most waterproof unit installed under your helm. 

A Remote for You

As mentioned, there are three remotes designed for the Dockmate system: the Single/Twin, the Twist and the Vector. The Single/Twin has a touchpad to control one or two engines as well as bow and stern thrusters, one or two anchors and the horn. 

The Twist and Vector have an integrated joystick to control the boat's direction forward, backward, sideways and diagonally. Simply turn the joystick knob to turn the boat. 

The Vector is designed specifically for boats using Volvo Penta IPS or Zeus pods and is also compatible with Mercury's Piloting for Outboards Joystick and Yamaha's Helm Master. In addition, it can operate Mercury's dynamic positioning systems or Skyhook when installed. Like the Single/Twin controller, the Twist and Vector can also control the anchors and bow thrusters with separate buttons, if desired. 

A unique feature of Dockmate is the proprietary Dock Control software, in particular the proportional engine throttle.

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