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INSIDE : Get to know your favorite brands even better

This year and with the launch of the "BRAND OF THE WEEK" series, Boatside's team gives you the opportunity to learn more about its partners.

Discover an exclusive series of interviews with our most popular brands!


Trona is an Italian brand, created by Christian Tamburinelli, General Manager & Italian designer.
Designed for luxury SPAs, Yachts and Hotels & Resorts, Trona is known worldwide for its comfort and exclusive design.
TRONA inscribes in a single brand the 100% hand-made Italian quality with every personal request.
Every piece of furniture is made of 100% water repellent, fire retardant eco leather.
This ecological fabric is resistant to scratches, atmospheric agents, and UVs.
With TRONA for your outdoor areas, you can select from a wide range of customizable solutions.


Mr. Tamburinelli kindly answered our questions.

What makes Trona unique?

Trona is a real innovation to valorize luxury environments and exclusives areas. Our society differs from the others thanks to its quality and craftsmanship with which realizes its own products. All our collections are planned, designed and totally handmade in Italy with high-value materials.

How do you position Trona in relation to other floating furniture on the market?

For now there aren’t other items like TRONA in the market, since TRONA products are recognized industrial invention as registered trademark. The actual worldwide market offers many similar products but not as TRONA’s ones. All our items are especially created for customers needs and totally customizable with a peculiar attention for details. That’s what makes TRONA totally unique and extremely refined.

How did you deal with the Covid-19 crisis?

Luckily we are facing this global pandemic situation really well. The luxury market’s still keeping a high profile, and we are constantly working to create new projects that will hopefully meets our customers’ expectations. Many hotels and resorts chains have suffered the Covid-19 crisis but in the meantime have decided to invest and make an effort to improve their services, offering their guests an exclusive treatment also by choosing TRONA collection.


Are you optimistic for this year/season with regard to the evolution of the situation?

As previously told, we’ll keep on going in that direction trying to improve day by day our market’s strategies  and increasing our sales. We strongly hope that the situation could change and gradually get back to normal. From our side this situation has been and still is a challenge for us to enhance and grove our business.


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