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Holidays are often synonymous with relaxation, calm and rest, except for children who like to have fun, discovering new things and especially not to be bored.
That ’s why Keeping kids entertained on holiday is always a challenge for parents and when you're at sea, their options are quite limited.

However Boatside is here to help you, with a list of product dedicate to your lovely children:

Geneinno S2: Sea Scooter

Our subjection is the amazing sea scooter by Geneinno.

The Geneinno S2 is an intelligent sea scooter that offers soft propulsion under water. Its lightweight design and premium construction offer easy portability transportable even for a 5/6 years old little girl, you can take it with you on any adventure. With intelligent application monitoring and Gopro compatibility, the S2 makes underwater sports fun for everyone, your little baby will actually feel like real fish in the water.

Note that a child safety lock is included which will allow you to block the depth.

Geneinno S2 available online:

Electric Pedalo by Ceclo

Find your way around the lake with the Sonar fun creating from Jobe, this 4 person tube has two tow points for extreme fun.

Connect your rope easily with Jobe\'s quick connector system and sit back to its comfy back support, or choose the wild side and go for a sporty kneeling position.

This towable doesn't require kids master their balance on water, but will throw them around as it takes them on a wild ride. It's quick and easy to set up for instant laughs and little maintenance.

Go discover the sonar in our website:

Water Bike by Redsharkbikes

Have you ever dreamed of walking on water?

This Oasis will allow you to Walk, play, lounge or go crazy in total safety.
A water carpet means fun for the whole family. Three layers of foam (firm/soft/firm) come together in this brand-new supersized product.

Jobe's water carpet comes with 4 anchor points for mooring options for wiggly children. This magic watercarpet comes with 2 webbing straps.

Go discover the amazing Oasis on our page:

Paddle Board By Jobe

The sport of standup paddleboarding has evolved from a novelty “Is that a surfboard?” people used to ask, into a new trends that everybody want to try.

A very accessible and versatile activity that which has sports, relaxing benefits at the same time, and which will give the opportunity to your children to discover places they would never see without it.

Children’s boards are built to the same rigorous standards and use the same innovative technology as their larger counterparts, but because they are shorter, narrower and have a lower volume, it is much easier for young riders to maneuver, both in and out of the water.

Discover our kids SUP:

E-Surf by Lampuga

If you have a large family or have invited guests who also have children, a water toy that can be used by numerous people at once is ideal.

Classic water trampolines usually range between 15 ‘ and 25’ and can be used with a huge variety of attachments, including slides, connecting tubes and blaster pillows, most of which are also water toys in their own right.

This toys will for sure keep your children active for hours.

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