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Social distancing... How many times have you heard this word in recent weeks, we can easily bet on a hundred times. Even though it’s starting to get a little boring for our little ears, in order to stay safe during the COVID-19 virus it is very important to keep at least 1.5 meter/6 feet distance from each other, which can challenge the practice of many activities.
However In order to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic, is also important to have a good immune system. Doing a sporty workout in fresh atmosphere will for sure give your immune system a nice boost!

That’s why Boatside offers you here its list of the 5 best activities and suitable products to keep you active but respect social distancing:

Want to get some fresh air alone and enjoy planing in a rising breeze? Do you want to go with your child to share special times together on the water?

Tiwal sailing boat are for you.

Tiwal are ultra portable boat, one person can do all those things and you don't need a trailer, boat ramp or dock so you can sail from anywhere.

Tiwal Sailing boat inflated with air, so are lightweight! There light weight contributes to there reactive and playful behavior on the water. Depending on the wind, your trip will be a gentle stroll or a sporty adventure. Overall the Tiwal are easy and fun to sail and can handle a huger range of wind and water conditions.

An amazing sporty experience safe on the sea.

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Electric Pedalo by Ceclo

What is Ceclo?

Ceclo is the promise of an effortless ride on the water, on an electric catamaran, unique in its kind, elegant and innovative.

Created a few years ago by a couple of French wanting to find a middle ground between boat and water sports, Ceclo is your own floating island that give you the opportunity to live and share new sensations on the water with your family. Easy to use, it allow you to enjoy a moment of relaxation and discovery of nature along the water.
Away from crowded beaches and crowds you will be safe on your pedal boat.

Discover more about the Ceclo products range on our website:


Water Bike by Redsharkbikes

Red Shark’s water bicycles are everything you’ve always dreamed of.

Cycling on water isn’t really new from a conceptual point of view. However this type of Water bike with this kind of design is a recent innovation and is much closer to the look and feeling of a normal bike.

Moreover in contrast to traditional cycling the water bike will be a great change of environment, it also brings a lot of safety to this sport that practice on the road can represent a huge risk, fall or collision for example.

Cycling on water means getting away from the traffic and pollution of the big city. This allow you to be completely focus on your activity, relaxed and enjoy the surroundings without any distraction.
Alone and safe on your bike respecting all the social distancing measure.

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Paddle Board By Jobe

The sport of standup paddleboarding has evolved from a novelty “Is that a surfboard?” people used to ask, into a new trends that everybody want to try.

From simple supping to Yoga supping, there are so many ways to discover this incredible activity. A very accessible and versatile activity that which has sports (supping burns around 225 calories or long distances burns up to 500 calories) and relaxing benefits at the same time, and which will give you the opportunity to discover places you would never see without it.

So one of the perfect activity for these unusual days… Supping!

Discover our selection of Sup:

E-Surf by Lampuga

Surfing has never been this exhilarating!

E-surf are the new amazing water toys you should try.
With an E-surf you can surge through water at speeds of up to 50km/h with the help of an emission free high-power engine.

Now no need for waves anymore you will be free to sail wherever and whenever you want on the lake, river or sea. Experience extraordinary sensations on the sea for more than an hour depending on the type of driving used. More or less transportable according to the models our E-surf will make you feel out of the ordinary safely during this period of pandemic.

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