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Chipper Multi Position Board With Handle

259,99 €

VAT included (20%)


Everything about the Chipper is about fun. This multi-position round board is unique and will never get bored! The Chipper has a pull point notch to attach the lifter so you can easily start behind the boat. It's a game, like a buoy. Sitting, kneeling, without hands: the comfortable EVA coating provides a good grip. Soft nylon handles ensure the Chipper is a toy for children and adults. The channels integrated under the board offer better grip on water.

- All-In-One product

- Board includes rope and handle

- Channel bottom design

- Comfortable EVA traction pad provides a great foothold

- Nylon webbing side handle

- Plastic rotomolded

- Size: 100 cm | 39,4"

- Tow point for easy starts and towing

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