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Fiberglass Paddle Black 3 Pcs

149,99 €

VAT included (20%)


Paddle easily on water with this light and floating paddle. We designed this paddle with a comfortable fiberglass handle with T-handle. Unlike most paddles, Jobe paddles are made from 100% fiberglass. The Jobe fiberglass paddle is adjustable in three parts - with a click and go adjustment - which makes it easy to carry or store in a bag (SUP). Its fiberglass blade allows you to properly adjust your oar stroke on the fly with a minimum of hassle and maximum flexibility.


- Adjustable in 3 pieces

- Blade angle: 9 ° Blade surface: 91 in²

- Blade width: 8 "| 203mm

- Clip with lever to adjust fast and easy

- Comfortable fiberglass T-grip

- Fiberglass blade

- Fiberglass shaft with excellent flex / weight ratio

- Length: 70.8 "/ 68.8" | 180cm / 220cm

- Weight: 780g | 1,71lbs

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